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How Do I Place An Order?

How Many Do I Have To Order?

There are no minimum to how many garments you have to order, however, we highly suggest small orders under 25 to be Direct-To-Garment or Vinyl Printed and larger orders for screen printing.


How Do I Place An Order?

There are multiple ways you can place a custom order. The easiest way is by submitting an order through our order page. You may also place an order by emailing or by directly calling us.

What Is Direct-To-Garment Printing?

Direct-To-Garment printing is a newer process that prints your design directly onto the surface of your product.

I Have A Design But It Is Not In The Correct Format, Is This Okay?

Yes, it is okay - however, we will need to convert this into a suitable format for an extra art fee cost.

What are the payment options?

We Accept All Major Credit Cards, PayPal, and Cash is Accepted In Store.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing involves creating a stencil, screen, and then using that stencil to apply layers of ink on the printing surface. Each color is applied using a different stencil, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look.

How Is My Price Determined?

Your price is determined by the method of printing and the amount of garments you are ordering.

What If I Do Not Have A Design?

Not a problem! We will take care of the design for you for an extra art fee cost and we will make sure that you are satisfied with the design result.

What Format Does the Design Have To Be In?

The best formats suitable for our services are .eps, .ai, .TIFF, or .pdf files. Any files in .jpeg or .png will have to be redesigned by us for screen printing purposes. For only Direct-To-Garment printing, a .png file will suffice.

Thank you for choosing 97 Graphix!

** If this did not answer your questions, please contact us.

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